Audio System Gets Extreme Whole House Makeover

As soon as one electronics product hits the market, you can bet there’s another better, faster, more sophisticated version of it on the drawing board. With an evolutionary path as short as this, it’s difficult to know whether to update now or wait it out a few more months. The owner of this 8,800-square-foot home in Atlanta had inherited a Crestron PAD8 audio distribution system when he moved in. To satisfy his craving for all types of audio, all the time, in key areas of the house, the custom electronics (CE) pros at @Audio Automation & Theater, Atlanta, had tied a remarkable array of components to Crestron PAD8 switchers and amps: Apple TV, three cable boxes, three Sonos Connect units, Blu-Ray Disc player, PlayStation3 and an Xbox 360. “It was a tech geek’s wet dream,” says @Audio Automation & Theaters, Charles Choc.

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