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Furby Gets Bluetooth, Reacts to Watching Videos with Kids - PC Magazine

PC Magazine
Bluetooth connectivity is coming to the latest Furby toy, the furry robot that took parents and children by storm …read more


Spotify and Apple are staring each other down while flipping the bird - TechCrunch

The companies are at it again, and this time it’s not only bothersome to the businesses themselves, but to the …read more


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An alarmingly handy Sonos Tip.

Sure, music’s a great way to greet each morning, but there’s a whole day’s worth of things you can do with Sonos Alarms.

Home Theater on the High Seas

If a 40 meter yacht is your idea of a dream home, then this one is sure to please. But even when your backyard (and your front yard and side yard and driveway) is the Mediterranean Sea sometimes you need a little diversion from the sunsets and sea turtles.

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“Feel” the Music in This NY Brownstone with Dynamic Home Automation

Like many renovation projects that include home automation systems, the plan for this New York City brownstone started with one specific and fairly simple request: hi-fi audio throughout the entire five-story, 3,500-square-foot residence. “Music is what inspires him, it’s what he listens to when watching his downhill skiing videos,” says Todd Anthony Puma of The Source Home Theater, New York, N.Y. “ So installing a high-quality whole-house audio system was our initial plan of attack.”

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Audio System Gets Extreme Whole House Makeover

As soon as one electronics product hits the market, you can bet there’s another better, faster, more sophisticated version of it on the drawing board. With an evolutionary path as short as this, it’s difficult to know whether to update now or wait it out a few more months. The owner of this 8,800-square-foot home in Atlanta had inherited a Crestron PAD8 audio distribution system when he moved in. To satisfy his craving for all types of audio, all the time, in key areas of the house, the custom electronics (CE) pros at @Audio Automation & Theater, Atlanta, had tied a remarkable array of components to Crestron PAD8 switchers and amps: Apple TV, three cable boxes, three Sonos Connect units, Blu-Ray Disc player, PlayStation3 and an Xbox 360. “It was a tech geek’s wet dream,” says @Audio Automation & Theaters, Charles Choc.

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Home Gets Audio and Automation Right Indoors and Out

California resident Gino LaVerghetta wanted both a great indoor and outdoor audio system for his new home. Unfortunately, his past experience with outdoor sound systems was disappointing.

It’s true that outdoor sound can be a bigger challenge than indoor sound, and LaVerghetta wasn’t about to settle for something that sounded like a compromise just because he was in the backyard. That’s why he went to a professional audio/video installer who had a lot of experience with outdoor systems. Dave Febbraio of Structured Home Solutions suggested a Niles GS Garden Speaker system for the home’s patio and pool area.

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Music and Automation Drive NASCAR Champ Mark Martin’s Home

It’s a full throttle approach to automation, when two homes and two airplane hangers get smart.

A love of music is what inspired NASCAR driver Mark Martin to initially outfit his Batesville, Ark. home with a smart home system, but it was his hectic racing schedule that ultimately led to the recent introduction of a more complete control installation—one that would let him manage his entire home environment, not just the audio and video equipment. “What I wanted more than anything was a system that was bulletproof,” says Martin, after having struggling for years with a finicky A/V distribution system.

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