Home Gets Audio and Automation Right Indoors and Out

California resident Gino LaVerghetta wanted both a great indoor and outdoor audio system for his new home. Unfortunately, his past experience with outdoor sound systems was disappointing.

It’s true that outdoor sound can be a bigger challenge than indoor sound, and LaVerghetta wasn’t about to settle for something that sounded like a compromise just because he was in the backyard. That’s why he went to a professional audio/video installer who had a lot of experience with outdoor systems. Dave Febbraio of Structured Home Solutions suggested a Niles GS Garden Speaker system for the home’s patio and pool area.

The installation consists of a number of ground-mounted GS4 satellite outdoor speakers, all driven by an indoor amp, plus a Niles GS10 10-inch outdoor subwoofer to ensure the audio had the full, three-dimensional quality the home owner was looking for. A 46-inch weatherproof SunbriteTV outdoor TV also helps keep patio guests entertained.  One of the owner’s favorite things about the outdoor music system, aside from the sound quality, is its discrete looks.

“I’m especially impressed with the in-ground subwoofer because it helps deliver the full soundscape of my favorite music without putting a big box in the yard.”

Inside the house, Structured Home Solutions installed a home theater sound system consisting of five Niles HD Series in-wall speakers and a Sunfire HRS8 subwoofer.  Altogether the home features 16 audio zones.

The tech additions to LaVerghetta’s new home didn’t stop with speakers. With a house this size, the family needed easy smart home controls for all the home’s subsystems, such as HVAC, lighting, security and pool/spa features. Febbraio installed an Elan g! home automation system that connects all that and allows the family to access anything via their iPads, in-wall touchpanels or handheld remotes.

LaVerghetta especially likes the convenience the home automation system offers him and his family. “I love sitting down to dinner with my family and then using my iPhone to turn on some music without getting up from the table,” he says. “And with the ability to dim and set timers for our lights, the kids never have to wander around in the dark to find the bathroom at night. The system offers so many conveniences that I’m still finding new ways to make my home easier to use every day.”