Smart Home = Sold Home.

Digital Design Group partners with the Realtor Association Of Sarasota and Manatee 

Last week marked Digital Design Groups first event as a RASM Business Partner. We specifically chose the the Realtor Safety course as home security is a big part of what we do. In our brief introduction, the owner Benny Carino, spoke of a few of the technologies that can help realtors and their clients keep themselves and the properties safe such as keyless locks, video surveillance and security alarms.

A few ideas here >> Today Show – New Home Security Tech

We especially loved the idea Andy Tolbert from Compass Training Center mentioned of a Panic Button System in your offices. We would be happy to provide more information on how easy and cost effective that is to implement! There is never a charge for our Site Surveys, Proposals or Consultations.

Additionally if you’re interested, we would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss our services on an group basis. Several companies have already taken advantage of our complimentary Lunch & Learn programs. These programs can be tailored to your business and are designed to keep you up to date and competitive in the emerging Smart Home market. A realtor doesn’t have to know how to hook the stuff up but if they walk past a Nest, for example, we can help you be knowledgeable about it.

Article here >> Coldwell creates Smart Home courses to give it’s realtors an edge in todays market

“Our latest research indicates that 71 percent of Americans want a move-in ready home — what was shocking was that of those, 44 percent believe ‘smart home ready’ is part of that equation.” Dave Siroty, Coldwell Banker Realty VP.

In short, the tech doesn’t just make the home more livable – it makes it more sellable.

Many people think a “Smart Home” is very complicated and expensive and that Smart Home features are only found in the newest, highest end homes. However the industry defines a Smart Home as one that has a smart security or a smart temperature feature, in addition to a reliable Internet connection. Additionally, the home will have at least two additional features such as smart appliances, connected entertainment, smart lighting or a safety feature.

A Smart Home could be as simple as one security camera, a smart lock and an AppleTV. For example, Amazon Alexa, Sonos sound and Nest alarms are a few name brands you may already be familiar with. In today’s market however it is becoming a part of what buyers are expecting in “move-in Ready” homes. The following article is a brief note on this growing trend.

Read article here >> Get Smart about Move In Ready

Digital Design bridges the gap between technology and our customers. No company puts more time and effort into choosing and installing the absolutely right products for the needs of your home and business while keeping pricing competitive.

  • Security- video doorbells, alarms, keyless locks, surveillance cameras, etc.
  • Entertainment- home theater, sound systems, game rooms, computers, televisions, sound bars, etc.
  • Energy Management- automated thermostats, shades, blinds, fans, lighting and water/irrigation, etc.
  • Infrastructure- wireless networks, cell signal boosters, structured wiring, wall plates, equipment racks/closets, no wire/hidden technology, etc.

Please visit our Portfolio for examples of past projects. As a new Business Partner with RASM we are looking forward to earning opportunities with the membership.

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